How To Write A Cover Letter To Land A Remote Job: 5 Powerful Strategies

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Optimize your cover letter and stand out using these tips. When you apply for a remote job, you typically compete with a vast pool of talents, and you need to showcase your credentials to make you the proper contender for the job. The cover letter allows you to be precise and clear on your experience and qualifications to score over the other candidates.

cover letter for remote position

Every Christmas and Easter when I was a kid, my parents gave me ChocoChunk candy bars. Your delicious offerings have a nostalgic place in my heart, and they’re still my go-to sweet treat. True appreciation for your products and my customer service experience make me an ideal candidate for your open Retail Sales Representative position. Consider opening your cover letter with a storytelling approach to connect a personal passion to the company or role. Sounding too “salesy” is the easiest way to turn off an employer.

Show your passion for customer service

The purpose of a cover letter is to provide more detail about your skills and experience than there is space for on the resume. A cover letter gives you the opportunity to expand a little more on your qualifications and add color to the positions and certifications you’ve achieved thus far. When writing about your experiences in your remote cover letter, make sure you use the appropriate keywords that are in line with the job description. This goes to show that you’re familiar with the position. Before writing a cover letter both for a remote position or an on-site position, it’s important to make sure you know as much as you can about the company. Get yourself familiar with the company’s values, guidelines, missions, etc.

Whether it be a presentation of a craft professional with a great list of achievements or even a remote job without experience. Rest assured, the opportunities are equal for all the candidates. I understand the specifics of remote work and strive to improve my skills to build a positive reputation. At the moment, my main cover letter for remote position example competitive advantages are advanced time management, multitasking, and a comprehensive approach. Time management allows me to follow pre-agreed deadlines and prevent delays in urgent and long-term tasks. Multitasking helps me work on several articles at the same time without compromising the quality of each of them.

Land an Excellent Customer Service Job With a Well-Crafted Cover Letter

This further sets the mind of the employer at ease knowing you’re not new to the remote working scene. You can also link to any personal website, online portfolio, or LinkedIn profile at this time as well. Instead, use your cover letter to call out anything that could be questioned, but isn’t explainable via the resume alone. A resume alone isn’t enough to make you a top candidate.

  • A cover letter is a one-page document that introduces your work experience, relevant skills, and personal interest in the company’s mission.
  • This demonstrates that your enthusiasm goes beyond the position, making you a stronger candidate.
  • Also, mention your enthusiasm to hear back about an interview and that you’re open to answering any questions the recruiting managers must have.

Whether I was dealing with current customers or prospective ones, my end goal was to use my product knowledge to educate and inform users until we reached a happy outcome. Sometimes this would require a little more digging or taking the road less traveled, but the extra effort was worth it when the end result was a customer well served. Finally, in the last paragraph, you’ll want to thank the hiring manager for their time and consideration. You can also summarize your interest in the position and your commitment to the next stages of the hiring process. I’m thrilled to offer my eight-plus years of seasoned customer service experience to Tutone Ink for your customer service representative position.

Formatting Your Work From Home Cover Letter

Give an overview of your qualification and the impact you intend to make in the remote position. Affirm your excitement about working for the company, and thank the recipient for taking the time to review your application. It is okay to mention certificates or training relevant to remote work if you do not have remote work experience. This section could also explain employment gaps or other unique work situations. Since your resume lacks context, this is your opportunity to clarify these circumstances. Even if you don’t know who the person reading your cover letter might be, try to find out.

  • So use this opportunity to show all the relevant remote skills you have that make you an ideal candidate for the job, and the position could be as good as yours.
  • Applying for work where you might need to wear a suit?
  • After reviewing the job opening, I believe my hard skills, seven years of industry experience, and a degree in business administration make me an excellent candidate for this position.
  • Your Work Experiences Paragraph is the place to highlight key parts of your resume.
  • By doing so, you show how your individual contributions made a significant difference.
  • Highlight your strengths, but do not just repeat the information on your resume.

One is a bit more informal and the other is more traditional. Either can work well, just include the best details about you and your skills as you can. Check more recommended readings to get the job of your dreams. Worried your cover letter design is past the expiration date? We’ll help you craft a new one that leaves an impression and beats luck. Show your motivation and excitement to join the company in an honest way.

Remote job cover letter template

All of this—and more—counts as remote work experience, even if you worked in an office setting. It demonstrates that you’ve got relevant remote work experience, so make sure to shine a spotlight on it in your remote job cover letter. Now that you’ve done research, it’s time to start writing. The first paragraph of your cover letter should introduce you by summarizing your experience in the industry or related roles.

cover letter for remote position

This demonstrates that your enthusiasm goes beyond the position, making you a stronger candidate. At the end of the day, your cover letter needs to clearly explain how your work experience and training directly relates to the job you’re applying for. If you can do that, you’re going to give yourself a good chance of getting an interview. The best way to do this is to turn to the job announcement. Now it’s time to revisit your research about the company missions, values, and goals.